9 Wonderful Waterfalls of Iceland

There are over 10,000 waterfalls beautifully cascading around Iceland. The falls are as diverse and magical as they are many. The frequent rain and snow, combined with glaciers melting in summer make Iceland the perfect climate for waterfalls.

During my 8 Day Road Trip around Iceland’s Ring Road last spring we came across 9 MUST SEE waterfalls. Be sure to add these these falls to your Iceland Bucket List for a magical experience around the island.

1. Gullfoss

2. Selfoss

3. Dettifoss

4. Bruarfoss

5. Skogafoss

6. Seljalandsfoss

7. Faxi

8. Öxarárfoss

9. Goðafoss

8 Day Itinerary for Iceland’s Ring Road on a budget

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